Water Turbines

Water Turbines use water from irrigation races, drainage channels, streams, rivers or diversions from lakes and rivers to create energy, which is then used for pumping water in any location.

Water Turbines have low capital and installation costs. As such they are extremely cost competitive when compared to other
remote location pumping systems.

Water Turbines’ easy installation and low driving head features suit them not only to relocation, but also a greater variety of possible site locations.

Water Turbines can utilise one source of flowing water for creating pumping energy, yet at the same time pump water from a pond, well or other water source.


1- LOW HEAD The Marbot Turbine will operate from a driving head as low as 300 mm and still pump in practical quantities with a maximumdrivng head of 600 mm.

2- HIGH VOLUME OUTPUTThe Marbot Turbine will pump large quantities of water. Over a 24 hour period the turbine is capable of delivering over 55,000 litres of water to a height of 100 feet. The greater the volume of water passing through the Turbine and the greater the fall, the higher the performance, within the range of both volume and fall that the Turbine can utilise.

3- PUMP CHOICEA variety of pump types and sizes are available.This will allow your requirement to be best addressed, be it pressure or volume.

1- LOW FLOWThe Martin Turbine, requiring a water flow from as low as 2 litres per second, is ideally suited to situations where the volume of flowing water is limited, and a head height of 600 mm is available.

2- FLOOD FREEThe Martin Turbine is sited on a level foundation alongside the water source. Therefore in locations prone to flooding, damage or loss can be avoided by postioning the Turbine above the flood level.

3- MORE POWER IN SERIES Where increase performance is desired. Martin Turbines can be linked together to achieve increased performance.


MINIMAL SITE PREPARATIONOf major benefit is the little site preparation that is required when installing a Turbine. By utilising a polythene sheet, water is easily channelled to the Turbine’s water intake when increased volume is required.

Sand bags are a helpful aid for supporting the Turbine and increasing the delivery fall, or building a weir where extra head is required.

MULTI DIRECTIONAL The Turbines are capable of pumping in two different directions at the same time. Therefore the one Turbine can fill two reservoirs in different locations simultaneously.