SK1 Elite

Length: 6.5m

Weight: Carbon-Kevlar <13kg

Recommended Paddler Weight: <90kg

Colours: Custom designs/Colours

The SK1 Elite is the top of line racing Kayak. This is a light weight full Carbon Kevlar boat designed specifically for the Top Kayaker or Multisporter who is looking for that edge over their rivals. With two rudder placements and 3 rudder designs, it allows you to tailor the boat to suit any conditions. No need to have two boats as this boat handles both the tough currents of the Waimak and the big swells of the open ocean with a simple change of a rudder! With the K1 designed cockpit, it allows for easy re-entry if you push the limits a bit to far.

Not only is this boat one of the fastest on flat water, with its Venturi it is able to handle the big swells of down wind ocean paddling without the need for bilge pumps. The Venturi is a self bilging system that is fitted to the underside of the kayak, allowing a one way flow that releases any water that may come into the cockpit. With secure front and rear bulk heads, you can feel safe knowing this boat will always stay a float!!

Price: $4999 incl gst